YL SOTA’ing in LU Land

LU7EPT  Ana Paula Tessi,  activates 11 Argentinian Mountain Peaks  
by Carlos Almirón LU7DSY 20 April 2024

Ana Paula Tessi (LU7EPT) in June, 2024  will celebrate three years in the world of amateur radio. She overflows with enthusiasm when she talks about  radio and  wishes she’d found the activity sooner.

She joined the Radio Club San Nicolás LU1EY, where she did  the radio course and, shortly after receiving her license, she began with an experienced group to activate SOTA (Summits on the Air). By the time she completed her first year she had activated six summits.

After confirming the last four activations, Ana Paula felt the need to share her experiences and thank those who helped her.

“…… I needed to prove to myself that training was worth it.  My face hurt from smiling so much and my belly from laughing about her experiences ………….”

“………… Activations involved Team work:  My route partner LU3DPW Pablo; LU9MZO Diego, the sherpa that pushed us to the limits. I cannot stop thanking LU5YEC Mauricio for my antenna that makes me love the 2 meter band more every day ……..”

“……… Thanks also to Radio Club LU1EY, de San Nicolás de los Arroyos (B A) and the many radio fans who supported us ……………..”

“Ana Paula”


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