Snips – News For Scotland – 9th January

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NEWS FOR SCOTLAND (GB2RS ) Extracts inc Additions

In this constantly changing pandemic situation, details of club activities can be found on the individual club’s website. A summary of activities in Scotland compiled by RSGB Regional Representative Tony, MM0TMZ can be found at

CLUB NEWS & NETS (Full Listings – HERE)

West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society is postponing resuming the programme at Rose Street until after the 14th of January. There are daily nets from 11am on 145.425MHz. Wednesday sees a net from 8pm on 433.425MHz and on Friday there’s an open net on 145.425MHz from 8pm.

Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Society has a net on Sundays from 7.30pm on GB3DG. Thursday sees a net on GB3DG from 7pm; a Zoom meeting follows at 8pm. There is also an open RAYNET net daily on GB3DG from noon. Oli, MM0YOS,

Stirling and District Amateur Radio Society is open today for operating from 11am. It will also be open on Thursday from 7pm.

Kingdom Amateur Radio Society has nets on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 7pm on 144.750MHz. Steve, MM0SKX, 0771 105 9343

The Lomond Sunday night net takes place from 8pm via EchoLink gateway MB7IBH and also locally on RF using 144.9625MHz, moving to DMR TG23559 from 9pm.

Ayr Amateur Radio Group has a net on Sundays from 7pm on 144.295MHz CW and from 7.30pm on 145.450MHz FM. There are daily nets around 7.035MHz from 10.15am, moving to 7.065MHz and 145.450MHz at 10.30am.

Dundee Amateur Radio Club holds nets on Sundays and Wednesdays from 7.30pm on GB3AG and GB3DD. Martin, 2M0KAU, 0776 370 8933

Kilmarnock & Loudoun Amateur Radio Club holds a net on Sundays from 2pm around 3.720MHz SSB, later moving to around 3.540MHz CW. Tuesday sees a net on 145.475MHz from 7.30pm.

The Viking Amateur Radio Net runs on Sundays from 6pm on 3.660 or 3.639MHz. Details are on their Facebook page

Glenrothes & District Radio Club has open nets daily from 10am on 3.790MHz except Sunday. Morse training is now available on request. Tam, 0775 352 6498

Paisley Amateur Radio Club holds a net on Mondays from 8pm on 144.550MHz and on Zello. Tuesday sees a DMR net in room 4415 from 8pm. On Thursday, there is an FM net on 144.550MHz and on Zello from 7.30pm. Stuart, MM0PAZ, 0742 665 0757

On Monday, Edinburgh & District Amateur Radio Club has its net at 8.15pm on 433.525MHz FM. Norman, GM1CNH, 0774 094 6192

DV Scotland has a multi-mode net on Monday from 9pm to 10.30pm using GM5DVS. Details of how to access all DV Scotland repeaters is at

Livingston & District Amateur Radio Society is open on Tuesdays from 7.30pm with a talk from a club member on DMR. Wednesday sees a net on DMR Scotland TG23550 from 8pm. Cathie, 2M0DIB, 01506 433 846

Lothians Radio Society has postponed the video night at the Edinburgh Cine & Video Society planned for Wednesday. Andy, MM0FMF,

Inverness & District Amateur Radio Society has stopped its Wednesday meetings owing to COVID restrictions. There are nets on Wednesday from 8pm on GB3BI and from 8.40pm on GB7II talkgroup 23558. Adrian, MM0DHY,

Mid Lanarkshire Amateur Radio Society meets every Friday from 7pm at Newarthill Community Education Centre 50 High Street Newarthill Motherwell ML1 5JU. Wednesday sees a net on TG 23550 from 8pm and on Thursday there’s a net on 70.425MHz from 8pm.

Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society is closed on Thursday.

Falkirk Amateur Radio Club has a net via GB3FE from 8pm on Wednesday. Peter,

Lomond Radio Club has stopped its Thursday in-person meetings owing to COVID restrictions, and some meetings are now on Zoom. Instead there’s a net on GB3DM at 7.30pm. Barrie,

On Friday, Strathclyde Park Amateur Radio Club has a net from 7.30pm on 145.400MHz, and also on the BATC channel from 8pm. Bill, MM0SFB,

To have your net listed on the WoSARS website or to report any changes, contact Tony, MM0TMZ by email to Please also keep GB2RS updated via email to

Snips – News For Scotland – 4th April

The news headlines:

  • Tonight@8 has moved its next broadcast to 12th April
  • Vote in RSGB Elections
  • Free Emergency Comms Training available 10/11 April

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Thanks to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, Stirling and District Amateur Radio Society re-opens for outdoor activities and socially distanced operating from 11am today, and will have a net from noon on GB3FE. Monday and Thursday also see nets on GB3FE and 145.550MHz from 7pm.

Don’t forget the new net on 4m being operated by the Mid-Lanarkshire Amateur Radio Society every Thursday from 8 to 9pm using 70.425MHz. Details from

A listing of all known nets in Scotland, collated by RSGB Regional Rep Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack, GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS and published at

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RSGB Contest Committee Agree to Accept Portable Entries

“……………..As usual when we approach a significant change in the COVID restrictions in England, we’ve started to receive some queries around how this will impact portable contesting. We are continuing to apply the principle of simply requiring stations to strictly follow their local COVID restrictions and advisories. Therefore, from 29th March, as the ‘Stay at Home’ restriction is removed in England, we will once again accept portable entries from stations in England. Portable multi-operator entries must normally be from the same household/bubble as typical portable locations, camper vans, cars and tents are considered indoors and indoor mixing of households is still not allowed……………More – HERE .

The New Zealand YL Scene During 2020


2020 was a strange year for everyone in the world with COVID arriving .

Fortunately New Zealand has so far managed to avoid the worst of it and our lives here were not affected as badly as other countries. This was due to many factors, one being that we are a very isolated country in the Pacific ocean and the other is we closed our borders and went into complete lock down earlier than most. Thank goodness our country of 4 million complied and we were able to keep the disease at bay.

Lock down here for us personally was not a problem as we live close to a beach and part of our “Bubble” included a walk past the cliff overlooking the beach which was so relaxing. Also it gave us time to spend relaxing at home instead of going to meetings of the many clubs we belong to, and also the many lunches out with friends, which in turn saved us heaps of money.

This was a time that Amateur radio excelled and people came on the air and chatted. All our radio nets were busy and people used the airways as never before. Interesting events like the backyard Summit on the Air, the ZL2AL activity event with trying to maintain 4 contacts per day and the upper HF bands starting to open up made for interesting and fun Ham Radio days. On top of that we had fabulous weather.

Unfortunately during this time WARO our women’s amateur radio organisation went into recess, as many of our members were unable to go on the air any more due to their Om’s passing away, old age, or developing other hobbies with members being reluctant to form an active and dynamic committee.

In general we seem to have new young male recruits coming on board but hardly any females.

Our local club a few years ago had 15 active female Amateurs, now there are only two who come to the branch meetings while the male activity is growing and the enthusiasm from the new members has not diminished with time. On the bright side our female activity is high and recognized by the local branch members who proposed me for the Jumbo Godfrey award which I was honoured to receive.

We have our AGM due mid year so hoping that members will front up and join the committee and we can continue this great group. We have not capitulated and still hold a ladies net on Monday nights on our national system and also sometimes an HF 80 metre net on Thursday evenings. With propagation slowly improving on the bands above 80 metres with the upcoming sunspot cycle, we are hoping that we can do more Dxing.

There seems to be an upsurge of women doing their CW which is a new trend so hopefully this will encourage people to participate on the air more.

33 Ngaire ZL2UJT

Snips – News For Scotland – 10th January

The news headlines:

  • Happy New Year from RSGB
  • Volunteers invited to stand for election
  • Celebrating 200 years of Greek independence

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Details of all known nets in Scotland are collated by RSGB Regional Rep Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack, GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS’s Website – RADIO NETS .

The Loch Lomond Sunday night net using MB7IBH and 144.9625MHz in the Vale of Leven area has resumed.

The GMDX January Activity Challenge 2021 continues until the 31st of January. The Challenge is open to all current members of GMDX. Full details from Rob, GM3YTS via email to  or checkout their WEBSITE .

If you wish to have your net listed on the WoSARS website or to report any changes please contact Tony Miles, MM0TMZ by email to Remember also to keep GB2RS updated via email to . Please note that the deadline for submissions is 10am on Thursdays.

Funding Award Keeps Fife Museum Communicating

Museum of Communication volunteers Ian Archibald (Burntisland), Dave Pack (Edinburgh) and Andrew Starling (Kirkcaldy) react to news of the award by Museums Galleries Scotland.

The Museum of Communication in Burntisland is pleased to announce an award in excess of £5,000 from the Recovery and Resilience Fund of Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS).

Museum of Communication Chairman Prof. Tom Stevenson said, “2020 has been a very lean year for us. The MGS award will help our entirely volunteer-run museum to survive through the winter as well as enabling us to upgrade our digital presence and prepare for reopening in2021. We’re eagerly looking forward to the day when we can once again offer everyone a fascinating visitor experience here in Burntisland.”

MGS has established the Recovery and Resilience Fund to secure the future of Scottish independent museums put at risk by the pandemic, thus safeguarding the vital role they play in their communities. MGS benefitted from a £4 million allocation from a £97 million package of Scottish Government funding to protect Scotland’s culture and heritage sectors from the impacts of Covid-19.

Lucy Casot, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland said: “We are delighted to support the Museum of Communication through the Recovery and Resilience Fund. They have responded to the challenges of the pandemic, and subsequent temporary closure, with plans for increased online activities, which will continue to welcome their community and visitors from around the world to explore this fascinating museum.

The Museum of Communication’s responsive forward thinking is a credit to the volunteers who run the museum. We wish them every success as they work to deliver lectures to supporters across the world and safely reopen the museum in 2021 for their community.”

By David Brown – (e-mail tel. 07886 915721)

  • The Museum of Communication is a registered museum based at 131 High Street, Burntisland KY3 9AA. It is run entirely by volunteers.
  • It was established in Bo’ness in 1992 and later moved to Burntisland, opening in 2005.
  • It has an outstanding collection of communications-related material and offers lectures and other activities, currently online.
  • For further information about the Museum of Communication see .

Snips – News For Scotland – 8th November

The news headlines:

  • RSGB preps reply to 2nd EMF consultation
  • Convention: Learn More About… stream on YouTube
  • ARRL opposes new $50 licence fee

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CLUB NEWS (No significant difference from the previous Sunday – 1st Nov)

Details of all known nets in Scotland are collated by RSGB Regional Representative Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS, and they are published at

New Newsreader Gordon Wilson, 2M0PIJ from Clydebank will now be providing fill-in to the broadcasts in the west of Scotland and re-broadcasting the west of Scotland Sunday GB2RS broadcasts at 10am on DMR talk group 23559.

In the absence of club meetings, West of Scotland ARS has a daily net from 11am on 145.425MHz. There’s an experimental SSTV net at noon this Sunday on 144.500MHz FM. Wednesday sees a net from 8pm on 433.425MHz and on Friday there’s an open net on 145.425MHz, also from 8pm. More details are at

And again for further information as to individual club nets checkout the link above.