Snips – News For Scotland – 25th December

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NEWS FOR SCOTLAND & CLUB NEWS (GB2RS) Extracts inc Additions



GB2RS Extract – with a little bit of additional information and editing to ‘flow’ better.

“……..We start the news for Scotland on a note of deep sadness with the passing of Gavin Nesbitt, MM1BXF on Monday the 19th of December. Gavin was known to many in the RSGB and was one of the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society’s young and enthusiastic members and a committee member for GMDX. He was a keen electronics enthusiast designing and building his own equipment and was renowned for his in-depth knowledge of all things radio.

Gavin was first licensed in 1997 as MM1BXF, operating from his parent’s QTH in Helensburgh.

Following his career in the Cellular phone industry, he moved to the Czech Republic in 2003, but eventually returning to Cambridge, UK in 2005, still involved in the electronics industry.

Gavin always had a desire to return to Scotland eventually setting up a new QTH in 2020, just outside Lenzie, about 10km from Glasgow. Gavin was QRV from there and could also be heard on the air from many European locations participating in contests and events.

In recent months Gavin was spending time in and out of hospital receiving treatment and gallantly participated in meetings from his hospital bed. He will be greatly missed my many and we send our condolences and thoughts to his wife Bex, and to all his family at this very sad time …………..”


WoSARS had it’s last Club Meeting of 2022 on Friday 16th. Club meetings will resume on Friday 6th January. Checkout  for further information and the Solder Group.


Details of club activities can usually be found on the individual club’s website. A summary of activities, Nets, Contacts and Links in Scotland can also be found at  (during the Festive Period check that a Club Meeting/Net is indeed taking place)

To have your net listed on the WoSARS website or to report any changes, contact Tony, MM0TMZ by email to Please also keep GB2RS updated via email to


Dundee Amateur Radio Club will be holding open nets on Sundays and Wednesdays from 7.30pm on GB3AG throughout the festive period. Club meetings will resume in the New Year. Martin, 2M0KAU, 07763 708 933

Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club holds a net on Sundays from 2pm around 3.720MHz using SSB, later moving to around 3.540MHz at 2.30pm for a CW net. Also on Sunday, the club will have a quiz night on 145.475MHz. Check-in for the quiz is from 7.45pm for an 8pm start. On Monday there will be a question-and-answer night on Zoom at 7.30pm. The next club meeting will be held on Tuesday the 27th of December. Alternate Tuesdays see a natter night on Zoom at 7.30pm.

Kingdom Amateur Radio Society has nets on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 7pm on 144.750MHz. Steve, MM0SKX, 0771 105 9343

The Lomond Sunday Night net takes place today. Early check-in is from 7.45pm. All the usual ways to join in are available, via Echolink MB7IBH-L and on 145.3375MHz locally across the Clyde Coast. Paul MM3DDQ

Stirling Amateur Radio Society meets at the Club House, Throsk, FK7 7XY, and is open for projects and operating on Sundays. They also meet at 7.30pm on Thursdays.

The Viking Amateur Radio Net runs on Sundays from 6pm on 3.660 or 3.639MHz. Details are on their Facebook page.


Edinburgh and District Amateur Radio Society has a net on Monday at 8pm on 433.525MHz. Norman, GM1CNH, 0774 094 6192

DV Scotland has a multi-mode net on Monday from 8pm to 9.30pm using GM5DVS. This is via all DV Scotland Repeaters on Talk Group 23556. Time Slot 2. In addition, via Allstar HUB 53937 and Echolink MM1CXE. Details of how to connect are at

Ham Radio Network has a talk on the theme of An Evening with ???? … on Monday. See

Paisley Amateur Radio Club holds a net on Mondays from 8pm on 144.550MHz and on Zello. Tuesday sees a DMR net in room 4415 from 8pm. On Thursday, there is an FM net on 144.550MHz and on Zello from 7.30pm. Stuart, MM0PAZ, 0742 665 0757.


Glenrothes and District Radio Club has Morse tuition on 145.425MHz FM from 7.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Check-in is from 7.15pm. There will be a break in the sessions over the festive period after the 13th of December. They will resume on the 24th of January 2023. Eric, GM4FQE, 01 333 450 753

Largs & District Amateur Radio Club meets on the Third Tuesday of every month in The Largs Museum, 2 Manse Court, Largs. All are welcome. James, GM0GMN

Livingston & District Amateur Radio Society has a club night at Crofthead on Tuesday from 7.30pm. On Thursday there is a net on 145.575MHz at 7.30pm. Cathie, 2M0DIB, 01506 433 846.

Moray Firth Amateur Radio Society meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7.15pm at the Elgin Reserve Centre. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday the 3rd of January 2023.


Caithness Amateur Radio Society has club nets at 2pm on Wednesday and Saturday on 3.740MHz. Club meetings happen in Skirza, near John O’Groats. Nigel, MM7BWT,

Galashiels and District Amateur Radio Society meets in the Focus Centre, Livingstone Place, Galashiels at 8pm on Wednesday. Jim Keddie,

Inverness and District Amateur Radio Society has a net on Wednesdays on GB7BI or BI Chat 475 if Highlands and Islands is busy.

Lothians Radio Society has its viral net on 144.350MHz USB from 8pm. Andy Sinclair, MM0FMF,

Mid Lanarkshire Amateur Radio Society has a ragchew on talk group 23550 from 8pm to 10pm on Wednesday. On Thursday there is a net on 70.425MHz from 8pm. Friday sees the club meeting at Newarthill Community Education Centre, Newarthill, ML1 5JU from 7pm with its last meeting before Christmas. Meetings will resume on the 6th of January 2023 Simon, 2M0LSG,


The Online Radio Club has a virtual radio club night at 7.30pm every Thursday via Zoom. It is suitable for all radio enthusiasts regardless of individual skill level. Go to the website for the meeting link.

Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society regrets that it has had to cancel its Christmas Party. It will now hopefully take place on Thursday the 12th of January 2023 at 7pm. Visitors are welcome at the 25th Scout Group, Oakhill Crescent, Aberdeen. Fred, GM3ALZ, 01975 651 36

Lomond Radio Club has a break in meetings over the festive season. Following the break, meetings will resume on Thursday evenings in the club rooms at the John Connolly Centre in Renton at 7.30pm in the New Year . Simon, MM0XME,


Ayr Amateur Radio Group meets on alternate Fridays at Prestwick Community Centre from 7.30pm. The next meeting is expected to be held on Friday the 30th of December. On alternate Fridays there is a Zoom natter. Derek, MM0OVD, 0742 899 4614

Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club usually meets on the first Friday of the month for a club night in the lounge bar of the Thorntree Inn. The next club night will be held on the 6th of January 2023. This will be followed by an Activity Week. Bob, GM4UYZ, 01875 811723,

Mid Lanarkshire Amateur Radio Society. Meetings will resume on the 6th of January 2023. Simon, 2M0LSG,

Strathclyde Park Amateur Radio Club has a net from 7.30pm on 145.400MHz, and in addition on the BATC channel from 8pm. Bill, MM0SFB,

YL Radio News – November 2022


CO6MQ Maria del Carmen Ruiz Perez, doyenne of Cuban women radio amateurs
New Zealand Yls
KD2JTX Doreen T Bogdan-Martin – ITU Secretary-General
3rd UNIVERSAL CHILDREN’S DAY Diploma, 2022 Hosted by Selvamar Noticias.
First YL Group Meeting of Argentina
Silent Keys
Postscript – Jeanne live on YouTube with ‘Ham Radio Live’
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Commonwealth Games – Special Callsigns

GB2RS (24th July) Extract:

For the Commonwealth Games, GB22HQ will be operating from the Birmingham NEC. There are also seven ‘Special’ Special Event callsigns, one each from the four UK Home Nations and three Crown Dependencies. From the 25th of July until the 21st of August, the special callsigns will be available for activation by RSGB affiliated clubs or individual RSGB Members. To take part you must please first check the relevant Activation Schedule on for a slot to suit your availability. Then contact the callsign coordinator, who will be keen to help. They will book you in and update the schedule. Depending upon your location, the callsigns to look for are GB22GE, GB22GM, GB22GW, GB22GI, GB22GJ, GB22GU and GB22GD. More details at under the ‘on the air’ tab.

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Successful Morse Code Day in Open Air Museum Arnhem

On June 12, radio amateurs gave information and demonstrations about ‘Morse code as a means of communication’ to the public at the Open Air Museum Arnhem

The interest of the visitors was great. Many were extensively informed. The number of people who wanted to take an “aptitude test” was also above expectations. All in all a very successful day. …………..Read… MORE ………

YL Radio News – May 2022



YU3AWA Marija Kostic from Serbia – Background; Future?; Remote Station

YL forum – Dayton Hamvention

Columbiana students take to ham radio club

KI5LAL Kayla Barron – YL Astronaut ARISS

ALARA Meet 2023

Silent Keys NM0C Nancie Marie McAnaugh ; WB6RFE Grace Lucille “Lucie” Conrad

Contacts & Calendar

YL Radio News – April 2022



Results of the SARL YL QSO Party

Radio ZS coverZS5YH editor of yl.beam.

JA-WELL-NO-FINE (Editorial)

G6YL, Barbara Mary Dunn – 1st British YL

Pitcairn Island YL

Galápagos Islands


Mendaly Ries, LX2VY Luxembourg

SYLRA Program Finland Meet

Condolences & Silent Keys
AA4YL Cheryl Denise King Whitlock – S/K
K5JGC Burnette Boyett – S/K
K1LIZ Elizabeth (Liz) Burns – S/K

Contacts & Calendar

GB100BBC – Centenary Callsign For The BBC

CLICK – G8BBC – The London BBC Group

Members of the BBC’s radio club, The London BBC Radio Group, have been granted an exceptional all-year Special Event callsign to help celebrate the BBC’s centenary year in 2022.

Ofcom will permit GB100BBC to operate throughout the year, starting at midnight on New Year’s Day, from the headquarters station in Broadcasting House, London.

Operating slots will then be allocated for use by individual members and local groups of operators, from their home QTH, or BBC premises throughout the UK.

(Additional information for the article supplied by GM4COX)

Come And Join Us On The ICQPodcast Digital Group

The ICQPodcast is the proud owner of a digital talk group.

Accessible on many modes linked together through the ICQPodcast gateway, you can talk to your friends, fellow listeners and even your favourite ICQPodcast Presenter!

Even if you don’t own a digital radio, you can still get involved using either a smartphone app or listen in like a shortwave listener.

Find out more about the ICQPodcast DMR Group –

ICQPodcast DMR Group FAQ –

73 ICQPodcast Team

The Russian Woodpecker Becomes A Tourist Attraction

Wikipedia Information – CLICK

Ukraine has declared that the enormous Duga-1 radar array is a protected cultural monument.

Almost 2,300 feet long and more than 450 feet high, the steel beams of the radar tower over the surrounding forest. From a distance, it appears to be a massive wall or the start of a cage.

Extract from Wikipedia:

“………………….Jamming the Woodpecker

To combat this interference, amateur radio operators attempted to jam the signal by transmitting synchronized unmodulated continuous wave signals at the same pulse rate as the offending signal. They formed a club called The Russian Woodpecker Hunting Club.[10] Core group members would frame the “Official Practice Target” in their radio shacks……………………”

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