Wish the ICQPodcast a Happy 14th Birthday


Dear ICQPodcast Friend,

It’s now been fourteen years since I made a phone call to my father Martin (M1MRB), and told him I wanted to start a podcast. After explaining what a podcast was, we agreed to produce ten and see if anyone listened.

Now, as we celebrate our fourteenth birthday, with listeners in over one hundred countries, and countless friends made along the way, we are asking for your annual support to keep the ICQPodcast free of commercial adverting.

Four Types of Suggested Donations

We have created three one-off values (£14, £140, and £1.40) for you to show your support of the show and send your birthday wishes. The £1.40 donation would also be a great value to set up as a monthly subscription (all you need to do is select the monthly subscription link at sign-off).

If you wish to show the value you receive from the show with your own figure, select the other option and send your support.

Send your birthday support – http://www.icqpodcast.com/donate

Subscriptions Keep the Lights On

One-off donations are easy, but to really support the show, consider a subscription donation. Many listeners support the show for as little as £1 a month – http://www.icqpodcast.com/donate

Your support has been amazing

It’s hard to put into words the encouragement and positivity that have been received from listeners over the years. When times have been tough, a kind word or comment about the show gives us the strength to continue.

Thanking you in advance

73 Colin M6BOY




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