BACKGROUND  – (Last Update 16/05/20)

WoSARS.Club….. is a Responsive website, which means if you are using a small screen device such as a mobile phone or tablet etc, it resizes within your device’s browser for ease of viewing. However this may make navigating the Menu & Drop-down Tabs at the top of a Page difficult.

Instead of searching down through the Menu Tabs, if you know the Page , Category or a Keyword you are specifically interested in, you can can go to the [SEARCH] facility, enter your query, then click any of the search results in the [PAGE, LINKS or FILE] column in the Table to go to it: (clicking on the ^ or v arrows on any of the columns allows you to sort that column alphabetically).

You can search on many Keywords such as: prefixes, components, dx, clusters , clubs, operating etc……….. The default is 5 displays within the Table, but this can be expanded using the SHOW [ 5 ] ENTRIES box if you wish to browse down through the LINKS Column.

NOTE: As the Table’s default display is only five entries (this is for ease of viewing on a Mobile), check on the Line below the Table and it will indicate how many  items it has Actually found! Use the < Previous > < Next > Tabs to scroll through them all.