WELCOME To The Membership Application Page


And thanks for considering joining Our Club. If you would like to fill-in your details in the Boxes below, this will assist us with processing your Application.

Membership is currently £20 per Annum. This fee covers you for:

        • Attendance to our Friday Night meetings and PROGRAMME (Though £2 is charged on the night to cover room hire, Tea/Coffee/Biscuits and other expenses). If you would like to come along on a trial basis the first two visits are free.
        • Assistance with TRAINING for the various Licence Classes.
        • Use of the Club’s Radio and Test Equipment
        • Operation from the Club’s ShackGM4AGG / GM7WOS
        • Contest Operating using the Club’s Callsigns (As above)
        • Access to the Club’s ForumsPROGRAMME (you don’t have to be a Member to join this Forum) MEMBERS, AERIAL DESIGN .
        • And the benefits of being in a ‘family’ of like minded people with whom you can discuss mutual topics of interest
        • (A reduced membership fee can be applied for. For further details please use the CONTACT Form)

On completion of this Membership Request, and being accepted, you will be contacted with a link to the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Page & Form along with an ACCESS CODE. Thanks!

    By pressing the SEND button below, your Application will be sent and collected automatically by our MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY for processing. Thanks!


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