Radio Relic (Radio Astronomy)

The Astronomy magazine site carries a picture of the radio telescope built in 1937 by radio amateur Grote Reber W9GFZ

Grote Reber was a Chicago-area engineer and ham radio operator who sought, ——unsuccessfully, to land a job with Karl Jansky after the pioneering radio astronomer’s discovery of radio emission from the Milky Way ………… Read MORE

EMF – Resources for Tutors and Clubs


Essex Ham have made available training material related to the Syllabus v1.5 changes which take effect soon

The new v1.5 syllabus kicks in from September 1 this year.

The group have now released updated slides for Modules 4 (Feeders & Antennas) and Module 6 (Licence Conditions).

For the last few months, the online course has included a video on how to complete an EMF assessment – that is now made available to tutors.

Also available are some sample mock questions and a one-page PDF guide for newcomers covering EMF.

If any of this material is of use, it’s freely available to any club or tutor –

Wish the ICQPodcast a Happy 14th Birthday


Dear ICQPodcast Friend,

It’s now been fourteen years since I made a phone call to my father Martin (M1MRB), and told him I wanted to start a podcast. After explaining what a podcast was, we agreed to produce ten and see if anyone listened.

Now, as we celebrate our fourteenth birthday, with listeners in over one hundred countries, and countless friends made along the way, we are asking for your annual support to keep the ICQPodcast free of commercial adverting.

Four Types of Suggested Donations

We have created three one-off values (£14, £140, and £1.40) for you to show your support of the show and send your birthday wishes. The £1.40 donation would also be a great value to set up as a monthly subscription (all you need to do is select the monthly subscription link at sign-off).

If you wish to show the value you receive from the show with your own figure, select the other option and send your support.

Send your birthday support –

Subscriptions Keep the Lights On

One-off donations are easy, but to really support the show, consider a subscription donation. Many listeners support the show for as little as £1 a month –

Your support has been amazing

It’s hard to put into words the encouragement and positivity that have been received from listeners over the years. When times have been tough, a kind word or comment about the show gives us the strength to continue.

Thanking you in advance

73 Colin M6BOY



Successful Morse Code Day in Open Air Museum Arnhem

On June 12, radio amateurs gave information and demonstrations about ‘Morse code as a means of communication’ to the public at the Open Air Museum Arnhem

The interest of the visitors was great. Many were extensively informed. The number of people who wanted to take an “aptitude test” was also above expectations. All in all a very successful day. …………..Read… MORE ………

SOTA @ 20 (Years Young)

Summits on the Air launched in England (G) and Wales (GW) on 2nd March 2002. Since then it has expanded massively to over one hundred associations on all major world continents, and has over 24,000 participants.

A special award has been launched to celebrate SOTA’s 20th birthday. Participants can obtain a certificate for their best 20 days chasing or activating (separate certificates for each activity). Logs are entered as normal and the SOTA Database picks your 20 highest scoring days out of your logs for the whole year. (March 2nd 2022 to March 1st 2023). Read MORE ……………..

Ukraine Maintains Ham Radio Silence in State of Emergency

Radio amateurs in Ukraine appear to be diligently maintaining radio silence as the state of emergency declared there just prior to the Russian military invasion remains in effect. A February 24 decree from President Volodymyr Zelensky included “a ban on the operation of amateur radio transmitters for personal and collective use.” The Ukraine Amateur Radio League (UARL/LRU) reported this past week that it has received many messages of encouragement from the worldwide amateur radio community……Read MORE

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