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SOTA @ 20 (Years Young)

Summits on the Air launched in England (G) and Wales (GW) on 2nd March 2002. Since then it has expanded massively to over one hundred associations on all major world continents, and has over 24,000 participants.

A special award has been launched to celebrate SOTA’s 20th birthday. Participants can obtain a certificate for their best 20 days chasing or activating (separate certificates for each activity). Logs are entered as normal and the SOTA Database picks your 20 highest scoring days out of your logs for the whole year. (March 2nd 2022 to March 1st 2023). Read MORE ……………..

Snips – News For Scotland – 2nd May

The news headlines:

  • RSGB AGM appointments
  • Club, Beacon and Repeater insurance renewed
  • Help survey amateur radio

GB2RS Script – HERE .


Two Scottish awards were presented at RSGB AGM last week:

The Jock Kyle Memorial Trophy was awarded to the GMDX group for services to amateur radio.

And, The Jack Wylie Trophy was awarded to Billy MacFarlane, GM6DX for his GM6DX training resource and the candidates he has mentored and tutored.

A listing of all known nets in Scotland, collated by RSGB Regional Rep Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack, GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS and published at www.wosars.club/radio-nets.

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G3YSX President of the Society RSGB, Club Insurance and Beacon and Repeater Insurance, GB2RS can now also be heard via the QO-100 amateur radio satellite, SOS Radio Week, University of the Third Age, RSGB award of Life Vice President, Dave Wilson M0OBW, VP8ZMS RAF station at Mount Pleasant Falkland Islands, HL1IWD/4, Guernsey Amateur Radio Society will be using GB5LIB,

The Stirling and District ARS & GMDX Group Awarded The Al Slater G3FXB Memorial Award

The GMDX GROUP and the STIRLING AND DISTRICT ARS are delighted to be awarded The Al Slater G3FXB Memorial award.

This award originated and administered by FOC (First Class CW Operators Club) is in memory of AL Slater G3FXB one of the UK’s top DXers and Contesters.

Inscribed on the plaque are the words DXing, Contesting, Operating Standards, Friendship and Encouraging others.

GMDX Group and the Stirling Club have been awarded these plaques particularly for encouraging others with our participation in the CW Boot Camps.

This is a very prestigious award and we are delighted and honoured to receive it.

73 Rob GM3YTS


GMDX Group

The Finnish Amateur Radio League also offers the award SRAL100

The Finnish Amateur Radio League issues the SRAL 100 award in honour of the 100th anniversary year 2021. For the award, you must have contacts with at least 100 different OH amateurs. The contacts must be held between 1.1.2021 and 31.12.2021. All bands and modes allowed for radio amateurs may be used. Contacts via repeater stations are not accepted. Short wave listeners can also apply for the award. By working at least 100 OH stations during 2021 you can apply for the award. CLICK for more info.

Andy – MM0FMF & Jack – GM4COX Awarded The Jock Kyle Award For 2019

Copied from a Post off the GM13 Site.

It was surprise for both of us to receive a letter from the Board of the RSGB to the effect that we were to be awarded the trophy at the April GMDX CONVENTION for our work in promoting the use of 13cms in Scotland.

It is a great honour (and humbling) to be nominated by your peers for such a prestigious award. Thanks everybody.

And we are both looking forward to even more activity on 13 (and up) this year. (If the old bones can stand it – in my case (;>)

Andy & Jack(:>J

Andy – MM0FMF, Robert – GM3YTS (Chair GMDX) & Jack – GM4COX

RSGB Citation – Jock Kyle Memorial Trophy

Prompted by a talk about the 13cm band at the GM Microwave Round Table in November 2016, Andy Sinclair MM0FMF and Jack Hood GM4COX have been working successfully together to promote 13cm activity throughout Scotland.  They started by organising a discount order for ready-built transverters for members of the Lothians Radio Society and beyond, and then encouraged and supported the buyers to get on the air.  They have shared their enthusiasm for 13cm by giving their own  talks at the GM Microwave Round Tables in 2017 and 2018, and to other radio clubs in Scotland, and have stimulated others to become active both from home and out portable.

In January 2017 Andy and Jack set up the Scottish Amateur Radio 13cms Microwave Group at gm13@groups.io, which has now grown to 54 members.  Although initially intended to publicise and coordinate their SOTA expeditions, the group now helps to drive 13cm activity more generally in Scotland and neighbouring areas, and is open to all radio amateurs wherever they are.

For demonstrating how two people taking the initiative can make a real change, Andy Sinclair MM0FMF and Jack Hood GM4COX are deserving recipients of the Jock Kyle Trophy for 2019.

Proposers Rob Ferguson GM3YTS, Gavin Taylor GM0GAV, Mike Eccles GM3PPE, Ian White GM3SEK, Martin Hall GM8IEM, Geoff Crowley MM5AHO and Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL

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