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Hi fellow ‘Hams’

This week we were confused, as we heard doors slam, toys were thrown and attitude from our little baby.

Martin and Colin looked at each other and realised that the ICQPodcast is now a teenager – 13th years old.

What a year we have all had. Hamfests have fallen by the wayside, COVID has removed the connection with clubs and friends and travel restrictions have restricted field operations.

During this time, your ICQPodcast team has continued to produce shows fortnightly. The DMR network is bring together listeners from around the world to build friendships and knowledge.

Your help is vital to make our teenager happy

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Snips – News For Scotland – 4th July

The news headlines:

  • Join Monday’s Tonight @ 8
  • NRC closure for tree felling
  • GM0GMN to lead IPA Amateur Radio Section

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The GB3FE repeater serving the Stirling area is still out of service and this will affect the Stirling and Falkirk nets.

Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio is participating in VHF Field Day today. Bob, GM4UYZ, 01875 811 723.

Edinburgh & District Amateur Radio Club will be operating portable for VHF NFD portable operations today Its regular FM net on Monday takes place at 8pm on 433.525MHz.. Norman, GM1CNH, 0774 094 6192.

The West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society is working on the new shack today and may operate for VHF Field Day It has a regular Sunday net from 11am on 145.425MHz. Wednesday sees a net from 8pm on 433.425MHz and on Friday there is an open net on 145.425MHz from 8pm. www.wosars.club.

Dundee Amateur Radio Club is taking part In VHF NFD today as well as the Backpackers contest. The Club holds nets on Sundays and Wednesdays from 7.30pm on GB3AG and GB3DD. The. Martin, 2M0KAU, 0776 370 8933.

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Tonight @ 8 webinar; National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park will be closed; International Police Association has appointed Jim, GM0GMN; update from Ofcom to their guidance What you need to know as an Amateur Radio user; RSGB awards are open to everyone; The GB2RS service is seeking a newsreader to cover the Western Isles of Scotland; Churches and Chapels on the Air; Finningley ARS Car Boot bring & buy is scheduled to go ahead on Sunday the 25th of July; Wiltshire Radio Rally, Electronics Fair & Car Boot Sale is planned to go ahead on Sunday the 1st of August; ES2TT/0 from Saaremaa Island; VP2V/K3TRM from Tortola; ZD7GB; Coventry being the UK City of Culture GB1COC & GB8CCC; IARU HF Championship; the SFI ended up way higher than this, peaking at 94 on Thursday; Sporadic-E has started to tail off a little as we enter July;  solar flux index will decline from around 92 to perhaps 85 next week; We had a super North-South duct up the East Coast on Wednesday evening allowing a close-to 700km 10GHz Tropo QSO;

Snips – News For Scotland – 27th June

The news headlines:

  • Covid-19 affects VHF NFD
  • Tree-felling to interrupt National Radio Centre
  • Durham is 13 Colonies bonus station

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It has been reported that the repeater GB3FE serving the Stirling area is still out of service which will impact all users, especially the Stirling nets today, and Monday and Thursday and Falkirk net on Wednesday. At present it is unknown when service will be restored.

Kingdom Amateur Radio Society is having to vacate its premises but is continuing to have a net on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 7pm on 144.750MHz. Contact Steve, MM0SKX, 07711 059 343 for further information.

Today Stirling and District Amateur Radio Society is open for outdoor activities and operating from 11am this Sunday. The Club is also open on Thursday evenings from 7:00 pm for further details, email secretary@gm6nx.com

And finally, The Loch Lomond net in the Vale of Leven has stopped for its summer break and will return first Sunday in October.

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VHF NFD and Covid Restrictions; 13 Colonies Special Event; GB13COL; Youngsters On The Air Contests; Ham Radio World event; vintage Alexanderson alternator transmitter  SAQ; HB0/HB9HBY; J20EE; AK4AM/P; St Helena; City of Culture. GB1COC & GB8CCC; Boy Scouts of America Radio K2BSA/8; GB1HA; Museums on the Air GB0HMG; GB0UTA and GB5UTA; 3rd 2m Backpackers contest; there is no ionosonde data on the Propquest.co.uk; best chance of Tropo is over Scotland and Ireland.

Snips – News For Scotland – 9th May

The news headlines:

  • Amateur radio: what next?
  • Free webinar on RF exposure
  • Updates to Full mock exam papers

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No Club News or Scottish Items this week.

A listing of all known nets in Scotland, collated by RSGB Regional Rep Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack, GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS and published at www.wosars.club/radio-nets.

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New video, 2020 – a year like no other; SOS Radio Week; G3ORY will help you to Discover more about Amateur Radio Direction Finding; European Space Agency astronaut Thomas KG5FYG and FX0ISS special event callsign TM0ISS, F4IHM will be active again as 5UAIHM; International DX Convention, GB0ME is still being operated by George, British Railways ARS will be celebrating its 55th anniversary, GB0LMR will be on the air; Next weekend the 144MHz May Contest runs for 24 hours from 1400UTC on the 15th; Next week NOAA predicts the solar flux index will climb to the high 70s, no doubt boosted by region 2817.

Snips – News For Scotland – 2nd May

The news headlines:

  • RSGB AGM appointments
  • Club, Beacon and Repeater insurance renewed
  • Help survey amateur radio

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Two Scottish awards were presented at RSGB AGM last week:

The Jock Kyle Memorial Trophy was awarded to the GMDX group for services to amateur radio.

And, The Jack Wylie Trophy was awarded to Billy MacFarlane, GM6DX for his GM6DX training resource and the candidates he has mentored and tutored.

A listing of all known nets in Scotland, collated by RSGB Regional Rep Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack, GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS and published at www.wosars.club/radio-nets.

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G3YSX President of the Society RSGB, Club Insurance and Beacon and Repeater Insurance, GB2RS can now also be heard via the QO-100 amateur radio satellite, SOS Radio Week, University of the Third Age, RSGB award of Life Vice President, Dave Wilson M0OBW, VP8ZMS RAF station at Mount Pleasant Falkland Islands, HL1IWD/4, Guernsey Amateur Radio Society will be using GB5LIB,

Snips – News For Scotland – 25th April

The news headlines:

  • 400 lockdown nets for Hambleton
  • Martin, G3YJO on Radio Four
  • Free Contest University online

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Sadly we have to report that one of our fellow amateur radio operators has become a silent key. Peter – GM1CMF passed away in hospital, in Dundee during the week. Peter was well known to Dundee/Angus amateurs, in getting GB3AG on the Air in the 90's. He was always a larger than life character and was interested in many aspects of the hobby. He will be sorely missed.


Thanks to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, Stirling and District Amateur Radio Society re-opens for outdoor activities and socially distanced operating from 11am today, and will have a net from noon on GB3FE. Monday and Thursday also see nets on GB3FE and 145.550MHz from 7pm. secretary@gm6nx.com

Don’t forget the new net on 4m being operated by the Mid-Lanarkshire Amateur Radio Society every Thursday from 8 to 9pm using 70.425MHz. Details from www.mlars.co.uk

A listing of all known nets in Scotland, collated by RSGB Regional Rep Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack, GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS and published at www.wosars.club/radio-nets.

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G3YJO, Cubesats, Dayton Hamvention, Radio Club of Haiti’s 10m FM Repeater,  SOS Radio Week, 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse, 9H5JO, VP8ZMS, 6O1OO,  JI3DST/5, 8N1MORSE, BARTG Sprint 75 contest, UK EI Contest Club 80m, UK Microwave group Low Band Contest, UK Six Metre Group Summer Marathon,


Elecraft News – April



April Newsletter – CLICK

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K4 Update – New YouTube Video

BBC – Ten More Stations To Be Turned Off On The Medium Wave

Ten more local BBC radio stations are turning off their Medium Wave transmitters for good this year.

BBC Essex, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Hereford & Worcester, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Foyle will be FM and digital only in May and June 2021………………………

……………………In 2018 the corporation commenced with these and continued them in 2020 across Scotland, Wales, and England…………… Read More – HERE .