Farewell Gavin MM1BXF

Monday the 6th February 2023, at Clydebank Crematorium, saw a large gathering of family, friends and amateurs (inc a good turnout of WoSARS Members) paying farewell to WoSARS (and CAMHAMS ) Member – Gavin MM1BXF.

Although the wx was a bit grey outside, the proceedings within the Chapel brighten up the winter day with recollections of Gavin’s short but full life.

Celebration Booklet

Led by celebrant Pamela Clocherty, with reflections from Bex – Gavin’s XYL, a ‘timeline’ covering Gavin’s early years at Dumbarton & Aberdeenshire, through his work years in the telcoms cellular industry, the Czech Republic (OK), returning to Cambridgeshire, then finally along with Bex’s, back to Scotland. His early introduction to radio and the mischievous side of it along with his ‘well-kent’ buddy, accomplice and Best Man – Allan MM1BJP. His fascination with the hobby and the ‘amassing’ of kit which never seemed to diminish, to Bex’s exasperation.

The celebration also included a eclectic selection of music which  again reflected Gavin’s (and to a certain extent Bex’s) varied tastes.

Farewell Gavin, there was so much to look forward to, but it wasn’t to be.

Checkout more photos of Gavin on the WoSARS Gallery – HERE.

And a short video of Gavin operating from WoSARS Shack, 144 SSB, September 2021 – HERE Courtesy of Ray GM4CXM.

Reflections From An Old WoSARS Young-Yin!

By Hugh Cummings GM0HSC (WoSARS Past Member)

Dragging up some old memories:

Along with a number of the other younger amateurs around Glasgow, we set up a group specifically aimed at younger folks, and people new to the hobby, called YAGIS – the Young Amateurs Group In Scotland. One area of interest saw us partake in conversion of assorted PMR sets, to get cheap access to the bands, where commercial kit wasn’t available, including a batch of Pye Cambridges on 4m AM, then converting them (badly) to FM. We ended  with D3E – pretty much!

PYE Cambridge – Hybrid Mobile Tx/Rx (Valve Tx Transistor Rx)

A lesson was learned about shorting out valve grids with a screwdriver I remember, and simultaneously, that electric current flows from a person to another touching person – ouch!

I used to use aircraft scatter to make a 4m qso between David – then GM7BPA (who was a runner up in the young amateur of the year contest I think?) in Croftamie and myself in Mansewood Glasgow. 2m was fine but 4m needed an aircraft approaching the airport over Duntocher for the path to work 🙂

We also ran fox hunts, and many hill-top operations, with all sorts or mobile trips up hills in Ayrshire and the southern Highlands. I also remember a VHF field day above East Kilbride and special event station GB0BUS using a double decker bus I had at the time.

Hugh’s Current Bus – Fares Please! (COX)

I went on to become the senior novice licence instructor for Strathclyde and along with Tommy GM3VBT and Susan GM4SGB, we trained somewhere in the region of 30 mainly young people at novice level, with many going on to get Class B and Class A licences – including young folk from the High School of Glasgow and St Aloysius’ College – one of whom went on to be the lead guitarist in Indy band  MOGWAI  (Almost a callsign – COX).

Another memorable adventure was a mini dxpedition to ACHILL ISLAND in Co Mayo in Ireland IO43………..

View of Achill Island using NASA’s technology overhead

…………..where we got special permission from the Ministry to operate as EJ4VNX on 50MHz as well as on 70MHz, and the other bands. We picked a great week for it (as we had researched the likelihood) and from day 2, had almost constant day time E openings to mainland Europe.

Great times.

Best regards to all at WoSARS for your forthcoming 50th Celebrations.

Shug GM0HSC – a Old Young Yin!

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