1st Anniversary Of Mid-Lanark (MLARS) 4 Metre Net

Mid Lanark ARS – 4 Metre Net

The  10TH MARCH will be the first anniversary of the MID-LANARK ARS (based out of Newharthill, Motherwell) 4 Metre Net, initiated (and hosted) by Gearoid (Gerard) – MM6NRK on behalf of the Club.

As a consequence of Covid restrictions, over the last couple of years, many CLUB NETS were established, though none in GM on 4 Metres.

If you haven’t had a chance to join Gerard, Mid Lanark, and many WoSARS Members, and you fancy trying 4M, there are quite a collection of ex PMR (private mobile radio) radios on sale on various sites that can be converted for this band.

GL and work you on 4?


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