Snips – News For Scotland – 9th May

The news headlines:

  • Amateur radio: what next?
  • Free webinar on RF exposure
  • Updates to Full mock exam papers

GB2RS Script – HERE .


No Club News or Scottish Items this week.

A listing of all known nets in Scotland, collated by RSGB Regional Rep Tony, MM0TMZ in association with Jack, GM4COX and the West of Scotland ARS and published at

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New video, 2020 – a year like no other; SOS Radio Week; G3ORY will help you to Discover more about Amateur Radio Direction Finding; European Space Agency astronaut Thomas KG5FYG and FX0ISS special event callsign TM0ISS, F4IHM will be active again as 5UAIHM; International DX Convention, GB0ME is still being operated by George, British Railways ARS will be celebrating its 55th anniversary, GB0LMR will be on the air; Next weekend the 144MHz May Contest runs for 24 hours from 1400UTC on the 15th; Next week NOAA predicts the solar flux index will climb to the high 70s, no doubt boosted by region 2817.

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