Snips – News For Scotland – 16th August

The news headlines:

            Thanks for massive lockdown efforts

            Latest RSGB Convention Online info

            TX Factor 26 is bumper episode

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During the COVID crisis a list of known club nets, and activities, is now being published on the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society (WoSARS) web site. They have a table listing times and frequencies and this can be found at

With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, we are now including meeting details where advised. However, this information should be regarded as optimistic, it is strongly advised that you to check with organisers well before travelling. Above all, please observe any national or local restrictions, including social distancing.

Today Sunday 16th:

Stirling and District Radio Society will be running a mobile ARDF fox hunt in two parts starting at 1030hrs.

  • A car is the fox and hides within a 5 mile radius of Stirling Castle and every 5 minutes the mobile fox transmits on 2m FM Channel for 1 minute to allow for fixing. Hunters use directional vhf scanners or rigs and antennas to find it in the fastest time. Hunters work as a team.
  • VHF beacons are hidden around Stirling. They are synchronised and tx every few minutes with an ID. Hunters can work together or individually (TBC).

The West of Scotland ARS (WoSARS)  – will operate a trial SSTV net after the RSGB News on Sunday 16th August on 144.500 FM around midday. Feel free to join in.

Next Saturday & Sunday (22/23rd August) – Sunday Dundee ARC has a net via GB3AG from 7pm. Contact Martin, 2M0KAU, on 07763 708 933. Restrictions permitting, next Saturday and Sunday 22/23 August see International Lighthouses Weekend ILLW activities. (On CALENDAR)

And, as noted in last Sunday’s GB2RS the following:

CANCELLATION – GMDX Conventition – Bannockburn – 17th October. (On CALENDAR)

CANCELLATION – Galashiels  Rally – 25th October. (On CALENDAR)

CANCELLATION GMRT – Scotland’s Microwave Round Table & Dinner – 7th November. (On CALENDAR )

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