Museum Ships Weekend – 1st & 2nd June – 2019

Ms Hoogeveen  M827 / PI4MRC &- SS Rotterdam/ PI4HAL During the weekend of 1 and 2 June, the Museum Ships Weekend will be held again. From all kinds of old and special ships, the amateur bands are broadcast worldwide to enable unique QSOs.

It’s not a contest; that means that it is possible to switch to the WARC bands if required.All information about the participating ships and about a certificate to be obtained, can be found on the following website

There is also such a special ship in Den Helder, the former mine sweeper Hr. Ms Hoogeveen. From the time the ships were still made of wood and the guys were made of steel. From the time that the Navy had a large mine service to keep our ports and shipping routes free from the mines that had been laid during the Second World War.


Hr. Ms Hoogeveen  M827 Launched during May 1956 and retired from service in 1994, De Hoogeveen,  moored at the quay of Willemsoord (former Rijkswerf) in Den Helder,  is now managed, refurbished and maintained by the Friends of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Together with all volunteers and donors, they are committed to preserving this ship as a cultural heritage.  The Marine Radio Amateur Club (Marac) have succeeded in returning the radio cabin to its original working state.

To mark the occasion, it was decided this year to take part in the Museum Ships Weekend from Hoogeveen. The call sign which Hoogeveen uses is PI4MRC and broadcasts are mainly on HF bands, in all modes and 2 x 24 hours. PI4MRC is the clubstation of MARAC (Marine Radio Amateur Club), The Clubstation of the Dutch Naval Radio Amateur Club.Given the list of participating ships, Hoogeveen is in good company. The SS Rotterdam will  participate under the call sign PI4HAL from Rotterdam. 29/03/2019/ in General News / by Fred Verburgh PA0FVH

PI4HAL – SS Rotterdam 60 years ago, on September 13, 1958 the SS Rotterdam was launched  in Rotterdam.PI4HAL is the call-sign of the amateur radio (aka Ham radio) station, active on board the former cruise steamship (SS) Rotterdam, permanently moored in Rotterdam. PI4HAL will participate in the festivities by using a special callsign between October 2018 and October 2019  to celebrate this anniversary. PI4HAL operators will be active with Morse telegraphy and give demonstrations

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