NFD 1933 – Glasgow District 2nd With Controversy

Extract from the RSGB’s World At Their Fingertips – P159:

“……..The 1933 N.F.D. event was organised on a District basis with an
“A” station (1.7 and 3.5 Mc/s) and a “B” station (7 and 14 Mc/s)
operating from each of the eighteen Districts. The winners were
West London (District 15) with a score of 364 points but their tactics
in attaching their aerials to the masts of an old commercial station
(Northolt), were severely criticised by many other Districts. Needless
to say the rules (which had not been specific on the question of aerial
height) were amended before the 1934 event took place. Second place
in 1933 was taken by the Scottish District, centred on Glasgow, with a
score of 357 but the Edinburgh group obtained the very high score of
209 points from the efforts of their single “A” station. “When the
actual day came” wrote a Bulletin scribe in the August 1933 issue,
“motorcars of all types, caravans, bicycles, donkey -carts and, in fact
every conceivable mode of transport seems to have been pressed into

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