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Why Balance Batteries – Specifically Li-Po’s?


A question was raised at the Club recently as to why we balance Li-Po’s and not cells such as NiCad or NiMh’s?

I certainly knew it was ‘done-practice’ in order to obtain maximum performance from Li-Po’s, but why not do the same for other battery types?

There is a good write-up in Wikipedia (click the graphic) as to why this is done.

And – the bottom line – it appears, that it could be done with most types of battery packs, which in the end would improve their performance and extend their longevity – just as Li-Po’s.

So now you know!

Edit 05/07/19:

Following on from some questions raised on our Members Forum #73  –  HERE is some additional information about Active Balancing and associated circuits, courtesy of Analog Devices.

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