WRC-23: Week-3 Update – 23cm and WPT

The end of the third week of the WRC-23 World Radiocommunication Conference saw plenary approval of a new footnote to the 23cm amateur band at 1240 to 1300MHz  – a major landmark after four years of hard work. Meanwhile 40-50MHz radar sounders and future agenda items are consuming considerable time and effort – all week […]

WRC-23 Days 11+12: The Future Beckons

Week-3 of WRC-23 has started with an increase in meetings and effort associated with WRC-27/31 proposals, quite a few of which are of concern. Tuesday also saw the proposed change for 23cm get thru next approval hurdle, after some nervous moments. With meetings over the previous weekend, the start of the week was a bit […]

WRC-23: Week-2 Update / Future Topics

WRC-23 has reached the halfway point, including progress on 23cm, but then included a raft of meetings over the weekend as well. The latter addressed delays in current proposals, as well as drafting of new proposals for future conferences WRC-27/31 – in 2027 and 2031. After numerous meetings, the 23cm topic concluded at the sub-working […]

WRC-23 Days-7+8: Work goes on – and IARU Interview

Week-2 of WRC-23 continued with slow progress on current items and the first signs of the future agenda. IARU President Tim Ellam VE6SH arrived to witness for himself the challenges, and got a cherished ITU video interview. Meetings continued on Tuesday and Wednesday on various items including 23cm, Radar Sounders and Space weather. Chairing the […]

WRC-23 Day-6: 50MHz and 23cm

Week-2 of WRC-23 started with a 9am meeting of the AI-9.1b, 23cm topic, followed by 40-50MHz radar sounders. The latest 23cm meeting considered a draft CEPT Resolution to incorporate/mandate the levels in new ITU Recommendation M.2164 to protect radio-navigation satellites (RNSS) in 1240-1300MHz. This predictably ran into some concerns from other regions. Alternatives on the draft […]

WRC-23: Week-1 Summary

WRC-23 finished its first week with all current agenda items underway and an early discussion on new ones for WRC27/31. Amateur interests have been cropping up on a wide front   – both 23cm and other bands from HF to mmWaves. As previously reported, AI-9.1b on 1240-1300MHz has seen Recommendation ITU-R M.2164 released just beforehand. A […]

WRC-23 Days-3+4: 23cms Recommendation and more

Wednesday (Day-3) saw the start of the discussions on Agenda-Item 9.1b – regarding Radio Navigation Satellites  and Amateur Radio in 1240-1300MHz. This and further sessions on VHF Radar Sounders and Space Weather continued on Thursday.  Events were usefully preceded by the prompt publication of ITU-R Recommendation M.2164 which had been agreed in the preceding ITU […]

Day-2: WRC-23 Scales up – including 40-50MHz

WRC23 Day-2 saw the conference structure launch working groups and subgroups, as individual agenda items got underway and documents introduced. Amateur related topics being followed were wideband 40-50MHz satellite-borne radar sounders (AI-1.12), new 240GHz space sensors for climate monitoring (AI-1.14) – and a raft of future agenda proposals for WRC-2027/2031 (AI-10). Whilst just introducing documents […]

Day-1: WRC-23 Begins & 23cm Progress

Monday November 20 saw a hugely well attended opening ceremony, speeches and initial plenaries as WRC-23 got underway. Around 3500+ delegates were present; and on the sidelines some 23cm news emerged from IARU.    The afternoon saw the initial top level committee structure confirmed, with the finer detail at individual agenda items to come on […]

WRC-23 Day-0: Nearly Ready

Final preparations are nearly complete for the opening of the 2023 World Radio Conference (WRC-23) at the large Dubai World Trade Centre venue. This is the second recent WRC which has been held away from the ITU home in Geneva, following WRC-19 in Egypt. Following a long overnight Saturday flight from the UK and hotel […]

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