Aged 26 or under? Love amateur radio?

Aged 26 or under? Love all things radio? Why not join the RSGB Youth Team? The team currently has over 30 members across the UK, who work together to encourage young people into the hobby. You’ll be involved in planning events, attending shows and writing articles. Get involved, gain skills and make new friends! See […]

Special RSL for Coronation celebrations

We are delighted to announce that, as part of our Coronation celebration activities, Ofcom has approved “R” as the optional Coronation regional secondary locator prefix for all radio amateurs. You will be able to use this for the whole of May and June 2023. More information will be reported closer to the date of the […]

Tonight @ 8 – QRP operating

On Monday, 6 February 2023 Anthony Luscre, K8ZT will talk about QRP operating on the RSGB’s Tonight @ 8 webinar. Find out more on the Society’s website and put the date in your diary for another fascinating live presentation. You can watch and ask questions live on our YouTube channel or our special BATC channel.

Direct to Full mock paper update

Following feedback on the Direct to Full mock exam paper, the RSGB ESRG discussed Q26 this week and agreed to amend the question. The mock paper has been updated on the RSGB web site to reflect the changes agreed.

BBC Radio Shropshire interview with RSGB volunteer

RSGB District Representative Martyn Vincent, G3UKV was interviewed on BBC Radio Shropshire recently for “Learn your name in Morse Code Day”. Martyn spoke to Michaela Wylde about his club Telford & District ARS, amateur radio and CW. He gave a demonstration of how to send his name in Morse Code and played an example of what Morse […]

RSGB Convention videos for members

As a benefit for our members, we have released two Convention 2022 videos just for members to view. Peter Duffett-Smith, GM3XJE talks about the input impedance of feeder ‘Sprinkles or Mirrors’, the presentation by Chris Deacon, G4IFX, discovers the true nature of six-metre sporadic-E Both videos are available in the RSGB online members’ portal. Over […]

RSGB 2023 Band Plans

The 2023 RSGB Band Plans are now available online and in the February edition of RadCom. Whilst there are no formal changes compared to 2022, an accompanying background article explains what may be in prospect in the year ahead, which has both major IARU and World Radio Conference events.

RSGB volunteer talks about Morse on BBC Radio

Following the recent items in The Times and on BBC Radio 4 PM programme (starts at 51:43) about a rise in the use of Morse Code in America, we contacted BBC Three Counties Radio and arranged an interview for Mervyn Foster, G4KLE. Mervyn is a volunteer at the RSGB National Radio Centre, an RSGB District […]

6 Feb – QRP operating by Anthony Luscre, K8ZT

Anthony’s presentation Anthony will discuss what QRP Operating is, how he got started and why you might want to give it a try. He will discuss a wide variety of QRP operating styles, take a look at some equipment used, and activities QRPers are involved in. He will discuss the unique opportunity it provides for […]

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